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The TrackBuilter Air 2 FPV quadcopter is mainly available in two different versions:
- Air 2 Racing (buying an equipped quadcopter specifically for racing and training)
A very interesting model with the ability to launch both from the rear and from the front. Exceptionally good high speed flight control and ease of use will greatly improve your piloting skills.
SkyRanger with its own forward/reverse radio control. Very compact and small model with simple configuration and operation.
Powerman RC - quadcop simulator with remote control. Use motors (like Duracell Turbo Power, Telestart or Powerman Racing 2x2) to fly forwards and backwards, as well as upwind.
The Air 2 quadcopter can be fitted with additional motors during flight for training purposes.
The base model is not sold separately from the three additional motors, but when you buy from us you get them for free! If you want to program the engine start button with your own commands, we recommend that you buy special decompressor holders for motors at an additional price!
Other features
The absence of an AC battery allows an unprecedented low weight and volume;
worldwide delivery available;
when used in a car, the quadcopter can transmit signals in a wireless alarm system;
there is a quick software update;
radio frequency 2.4GHz;
when used in manual mode, the controls move forward/forward and right/left respectively.
How to care
You can buy spare parts for quadcopters from us. To do this, follow the link and learn more about our ATV parts.
Buy ATV accessories here:
Our website: FP Vision. f02ee7bd2b